Self storage in Stockholm – 5 hidden costs to avoid

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Self storage in Stockholm – 5 hidden costs to avoid

Self storage in Stockholm can be costly. It is very important to consider all the hidden costs that might be added to the cost of renting the storage itself. Such costs can be to rent a van, rent a trailer and to buy moving boxes. This guide is written in english to help our users who do not speak Swedish.

Here are the hidden costs of "old-school" self storage in Stockholm:

1. Rent a van

First of all – you need a rental van. It costs 499 – 1399 SEK to rent at OKQ8. To move 50 moving boxes, you need a van that costs around 599 SEK per day. Check the prices on rental vans here, or use ZTORAGE to skip this fee. Read more here.

2. Rent a trailer

Do you have access to a van? Then you still might need a trailer. To rent a trailer which carries 4,5m3 costs 239 SEK / h. Prices may vary. If more time than expected is needed there might be an extra fee. Check prices on a rental trail here.

3. Moving Boxes

You can buy boxes at Clas Ohlson and from storage facilities like Shurgard (they make you pay for it – terrible, right?). The prices vary between 1290 – 1490 SEK for 50 boxes.

4. To rent a whole storage room when you don’t need to

Many self storage companies want to lease as big spaces as possible. Salesmen can suggest a bigger space than you need to make an extra buck. With ZTORAGE you only pay for the space you actually use.

5. Help to carry

The minimum wage for forcing your friends to help you carry your stuff to a storage room is probably a pizza. If you have to hire professional movers to help you carry it will most likely be really expensive. Prices vary but often start from 199 SEK for every 15 minutes.

To sum up – be careful when calculating the cost for storage, hidden costs might be added to the cost of renting the storage itself.

This is how ZTORAGE works:

1. Free boxes delivered to your door

2. Free pickup service from your door step

3. Pay per item – no need to rent a whole storage space

4. Order anything back anytime.

Do you want to know our price on storage? Read more here

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